Assistant Majority Leader Linda Holmes is a member of Senate President Don Harmon's leadership team. She has served in the Illinois State Senate since 2006, bringing her experience as a successful small business owner and community volunteer to the General Assembly. Her business perspective contributes to her record in economic development and increased government efficiency. Her commitment to all Illinoisans is seen in her legislative action to improve health, well-being and quality of life.

Senator Holmes works diligently to get the state’s fiscal house in order and identify business growth and development opportunities. She has sponsored several measures aimed at increasing government efficiency, consolidation and local control. As a leader of a working group addressing the unemployment insurance trust fund, her actions made possible the pay off of debt after a historic agreement was reached between the state, and representatives from business, labor, and bipartisan members of the General Assembly.

Holmes works for local redevelopment, including a project that took the historic St. Charles Hospital in Aurora and renovated it into a new senior housing facility. The project was possible through the use of the River Edge Redevelopment Zone program, which was extended to allow for more revitalization in the district.

Holmes advocates for numerous health initiatives. She supported efforts to require health insurance companies provide for an adequate number of health care specialists within their insurance network so that families never have to choose between paying out-of-network costs or traveling great distances to get proper care. She has sponsored legislation to increase physical fitness education in our schools, where early learning about good health habits can contribute to a lifetime of wellness.

Her strong support of environmental issues has earned recognition from the Illinois Environmental Council. She has been named Legislator of the Year by the Illinois EMS Alliance for her support of their life-saving work, and also by the United States Humane Society for her animal welfare legislation concerning research dogs and cats, animal shelters, and reducing the number of exotic animals in roadside zoos.

Her current committee assignments are Labor, Agriculture, Executive and Local Government.

Senator Holmes has lived in Aurora since 1983.