13032018KS0696SPRINGFIELD –Messages of budgetary stability and restored economic health are what State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) took away from Gov. JB Pritzker’s state budget speech this afternoon with his proposals for the upcoming state budget year, which covers July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020.

Holmes was encouraged to hear Pritzker acknowledge the state’s dire need for a capital plan, after ten years without timely action on necessary infrastructure maintenance, repairs and new construction.

“We desperately need a stable, ongoing plan, and I’m getting input from my municipalities and school districts on their most urgent needs,” Holmes said. “The governor and I agree this issue requires us to do more than just fix what’s broken. I hope to see specific plans in the coming weeks that will invest in our infrastructure, create jobs and boost our economy to meet future challenges.”

Holmes also expressed concern for how the governor would ensure municipalities and counties get their fair share of income tax revenue, which has been cut in recent years.

“I would like to see local governments’ share of income taxes increase,” Holmes said. “These funds have been cut nearly in half over the past several years and funding is dependent on proposed revenue growth. Otherwise, counties and municipalities may have to consider other fees or taxes to maintain their services.”

The Local Government Distributive Fund historically shares a percentage of state income tax revenues with cities and counties on a per capita basis. The original share was 10 percent, however in recent years that share has been cut to 5.757 percent.

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