holmes 052419SPRINGFIELD – Three pieces of legislation from State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) to improve how local governments operate have passed the Illinois General Assembly.

“Measures to put decisions in the hands of voters and to streamline local government functions will save taxpayer dollars and make operations more transparent,” Holmes said. “Citizens need to know their municipal officials are representing them effectively.”

House Bill 814 would allow municipal officials to satisfy their training requirements of the Open Meetings Act by participating in a course sponsored or conducted by the Illinois Municipal League. They would join other organizations that provide training for municipal officials, in this case providing in-person training rather than electronic training provided by other entities. IML would provide a certificate of course completion to each member of a public body who completes the training successfully.


House Bill 910 would let the Aurora Public Library change its board of trustees from appointed to elected. The bill would requiring a referendum asking voters to decide and, if passed, provides for the number of trustees and the manner of their election. Currently, the board is appointed by the city’s mayor with council approval.

House Bill 2473 allows Fire Protection Districts to enter into supply contracts of $20,000 through participating in joint out-of-state purchasing programs that require a competitive solicitation and procurement process.  Supported by the Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts, Illinois Fire Chiefs Association and the Illinois Municipal League, this measure could ensure fire protection districts receive better pricing on preferred brands of equipment.

All three measures have been approved by both chambers and now go to the governor for consideration.