holmes priorauth 021820SPRINGFIELD – Delays and denials for health care are a growing concern for patients across the country as insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers add barriers and even longer times to receive care. Senate Assistant Majority Leader Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) is sponsoring legislation with reforms to streamline this process and improve transparency.

“Extra paperwork and delays for treatment are a hassle and distraction to those of us seeking routine or emergent procedures and treatment, and to our health care providers as well,” Holmes said. “The Prior Authorization Reform Act will take down obstacles, get patients the care they need more quickly and save them money.”

Senate Bill 3822 and its companion House Bill 5510, sponsored by House Majority Leader Gregory Harris (D-Chicago) are a bipartisan effort supported by the Illinois State Medical Society.

“Only qualified medical professionals should be making determinations about patient care,” Holmes added. “That’s why our bill defines who can review and make prior authorization decisions, ensures that the requirements are based on evidence-based criteria, and stops insurance companies for denying payment for medical care they previously approved.”

More information on the Prior Authorization Reform Act, including ISMS’ position paper and a summary of their recent physician survey, can be found at www.YourCareCantWait.org.