carjacking 052722AURORA – To address ever-increasing rates of vehicle thefts in Illinois, State Senator Linda Holmes supported three measures to offer protections to motorists and assistance to investigators that were signed into law Thursday.

“Families and motorists shouldn’t fear being on the roads because of a risk of being carjacked,” said Holmes (D-Aurora). “These three new laws will help law enforcement crack down on car thefts, as well as providing financial protection to victims.”

House Bill 601 addresses new and sophisticated technology used by car thieves that can replicate the signal from a vehicle’s key fob and be used to start a vehicle remotely. The new law adds possession of this technology to the legal definition of possession of burglary tools, allowing law enforcement to take action on organized vehicle thefts.

To protect victims of vehicle thefts and carjackings, House Bill 3772 safeguards vehicle owners from liability for any violations during the period in which the motor vehicle was stolen or hijacked. The measure also allows victims to seek reimbursement for towing and storage fees up to $1,000. In addition, House Bill 3699 adds new resources for law enforcement to coordinate against carjackings by expanding the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention and Insurance Verification Act.

House Bill 601, House Bill 3772 and House Bill 3699 go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.