Holmes 011723SPRINGFIELD – A long-time proponent for reproductive rights in Illinois, State Senator Linda Holmes voted in support of House Bill 4664 last week to enshrine protection in our state. The bill was signed into law by the governor last Friday.

“When the US Supreme Court struck down the nearly 50 years of precedent in Roe v. Wade, Illinois immediately became an island in the Midwest for women making health care decisions,” Holmes (D-Aurora) said. “Our existing laws protected access to care, but more effort was needed to secure that freedom – and to broaden it for the thousands of women and providers who would be coming here from neighboring states to seek that protection for themselves.”

Women’s reproductive decisions have been treated like crimes even while Roe ensured these procedures were protected by federal law. Holmes believes reproductive care should not be singled out and controlled by lawmakers when women are fully capable of making all decisions related to their health care.

In a 2022 CNN poll, 69% of American respondents opposed the overturn of Roe.

Under Illinois’ new law, medical professionals won’t jeopardize their Illinois licenses for performing reproductive care or other health care services and counseling that are legal in Illinois but prohibited in another state. This law will help to ensure people are not using the laws of states that are hostile toward abortion to harass abortion care providers through the courts.

“With the governor’s signature, this takes immediate effect,” Holmes said. “Whatever other states or the federal government may do, these rights are secured for Illinoisans and those who come here seeking help.”