holmes 050124 MSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Linda Holmes is leading an effort in the Senate to establish insurance coverage for treating menopause symptoms without regard to whether the onset was natural or surgical. Holmes’ measure, House Bill 5295, passed the Senate Insurance Committee on Tuesday.

Menopause happens when an individual’s estrogen and progesterone hormone levels begin to fall. If it begins naturally, symptoms arise over time; if it is a result of surgery, those effects start very quickly after the procedure.

“In either event or at whatever age, hormonal changes can bring on complications that affect our overall health and well-being. As estrogen drops, bone density can decrease and cardiovascular risks can rise,” said Holmes (D-Aurora). “Menopause therapies are prescribed regardless of the onset reason and must be covered either way.”

House Bill 5295 requires insurers to provide coverage for medically necessary hormonal and non-hormonal therapy to treat menopausal symptoms. A qualified health care provider will recommend a therapy proven safe and effective with all FDA-approved treatment methods. The bill also extends coverage to Medicaid patients for menopause that has been induced by a hysterectomy.

House Bill 5295 now advances to the full Senate for further consideration.