puppies 032423SPRINGFIELD – After Illinois enacted a law in 2021 to stop pet stores from selling pets from unscrupulous breeders, some of those establishments chose to skirt that law with a loophole. State Senator Linda Holmes passed a new piece of legislation on Thursday to close the loophole and protect pet lovers from overpriced puppies that are often bred in inhumane conditions.

“Apparently the shady breeders who spent millions of dollars lobbying to stop our efforts in 2021 wanted to continue their practices,” said Holmes (D-Aurora). “Many of my colleagues and I, as well as animal welfare supporters statewide, believe pets suffer and often don’t survive the greed and inhumane care this process is known for.”

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Aurora state senator diagnosed with condition in 1996

Holmes 032223SPRINGFIELD – Individuals with multiple sclerosis and their families in Illinois can be aided by greater awareness and support from their neighbors, classmates and coworkers, according to State Senator Linda Holmes. She is taking action to build that awareness by naming March as MS Awareness Month in Illinois.

After her first flare in 1989 caused her left arm and leg to become temporarily paralyzed, Holmes (D-Aurora) wasn’t officially diagnosed with MS until 1996.

“I feel fortunate to have had the relapsing-remitting type of MS, dealing with only occasional bouts of symptoms, rather than the progressive type,” Holmes said. “I was told at that time that a cure could come within 10 years, and I am still waiting for that day.”

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Sen. Linda Holmes

SPRINGFIELD – Advocating for better, safer, and less abusive practices with animals, State Senator Linda Holmes passed two new pieces of legislation that will ensure those who work with animals are using best practices

“Our animal companions are not to be subject to greed and inhumane care,” said Holmes (D-Aurora) “These actions are a positive step toward ensuring those providing and connecting us with pets are doing so in the most humane way.”

Senate Bill 1230 changes the definitions of “dog dealer” and “animal shelter” to not include a person who sells dogs at retail to the public and defines that as selling animals at brick-and-mortar establishments that were obtained from breeders or brokers for compensation and not bred on its premises. This closes the loophole pet shop operators use to avoid obtaining dogs from animal shelters and instead from breeders.

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holmes aurora univ 021023

AURORA – Aurora University is set to receive $125,000 in funding for academic and social-emotional learning support through a grant provided by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

“This funding will mean Aurora University can further assist students with their academic advising and counseling needs,” said Holmes (D-Aurora). “Ensuring they get the best guidance on courses to attain their degrees and access to mental health resources will prepare them for success upon graduation.”

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