holmes imsa 082118SPRINGFIELD – A plan to expand the Illinois Math and Science Academy without any added cost to the state is now law, according to the bill’s sponsor, State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora).

The plan will allow out-of-state and international students to attend IMSA; they will be charged tuition, fees, room and board to cover all their costs. It ensures state appropriations will be used solely for Illinois resident students. This new population will make up 25% or less of the student body.

“The Academy is a fantastic resource for Illinois and a source of pride for Aurora,” Holmes said. “I am thrilled we can expand IMSA and bring capital development jobs to the community in construction of a new residence hall for these brilliant new students.”

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elephants 081518SPRINGFIELD – Those who participate in the ivory trade could face stiff penalties under a measure by State Senator Linda Holmes, which became law Tuesday.

“Elephants, rhinos, and other ivory producing animals are being brutally killed under the sickening practice of illegal poaching,” said Holmes (D – Aurora). “It’s our duty to defend these magnificent creatures, and I’m proud to have passed a law to help protect them.”

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broadband 081418SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) passed a law to create the Broadband Advisory Council to study expanding broadband access in Illinois.

“Broadband access has become a critical means of access to the world for growth, learning and business,” Holmes said. “This resource is now as necessary as utilities for our communities, and we need to explore all opportunities to expand this critical resource to areas not yet being served.”

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04262018CM0572SPRINGFIELD – Voters in the western suburbs would have local control over the makeup of the Fox Metropolitan Water Reclamation District board under legislation advanced today by State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora).

Holmes’s proposal, Senate Bill 2830, would allow voters in the areas served by the Fox Metro Water Reclamation Districts to elect their own trustees. These areas include Aurora, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove and portions of Yorkville and Batavia.  

Under current state law, Fox Metro Water Reclamation District trustees are appointed by members of the General Assembly, instead of being selected by voters in their area.

“Water Reclamation Boards make decisions that affect people’s lives every day. Voters, not politicians, should be allowed to choose who makes these decisions,” Holmes said.

Under Holmes’s proposal, members of the board will be elected beginning in the 2019 consolidated election. The board would continue to have five total members. Current members would continue to serve until their terms expire.

“Allowing politicians to fill these roles increases the potential for corrupt dealing and government waste, and there is little the public can do about it,” Holmes said. “This proposal allows voters to hold these public servants directly accountable through the electoral process.”

Holmes’s proposal passed the Senate with a vote of 54-01. It will now head to the Illinois House of Representatives.

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